Attorneys Specializing in Estate Planning Law – What They Do and How They Can Help You

Attorneys specializing in estate planning law, also called trust attorneys provide guidance and services pertaining to the best way their clients can transfer their properties to one or more beneficiaries after the death of the clients. Two of the most common situations when clients approach estate planning experts is to have a living will or a testament drafted and to have a trust created to make asset transfer possible if the client dies or becomes incapacitated while also maintaining the value of those assets as much as legally possible by helping beneficiaries avoid lengthy and expensive probate processes.

Why Work with a Lawyer Specializing in Estate Planning Law

There are numerous resources such as online templates and other tools that you can use to draft your own will or to create your own trust and many people use these tools to avoid having to pay lawyer fees. Using these tools may be an acceptable solution if your financial situation and your family circumstances are easy to deal with, but even if you have a straightforward situation, drafting your documents in a DIY fashion cannot guarantee that they are in compliance with applicable laws regarding content, form and other requirements. There are numerous benefits to hiring an experienced lawyer for a task so complex and important as assuring the future of your assets:

  • Professionals can save you time and energy you would otherwise need to invest into researching and familiarizing yourself with the intricacies of estate planning laws,
  • They can guarantee your documentation will comprise all your intentions regarding the transfer of your assets,
  • They can help you decide whether it is a certain type of will or a form of trust that suits your situation and your intentions the best,
  • They can administer your documents for you after they have been drafted to make sure they are suitably modified in case your intentions, your circumstances or the applicable laws change.

Finding the Right Lawyer

The lawyer most suitable for what you want has the right kind of experience, the right kind of attitude towards you as a client and the right kind of reputation. You can start searching for a lawyer by asking friends or business partners whether they know a suitable lawyer.

Contacting your accountant or your financial advisor is also a good idea – trust attorneys work with financial experts on a regular basis, so your consultant might have the right names for you. Local bar associations also provide referral services free of charge – contact them and you will be able to obtain a list with all the trust lawyers in your area.

The internet is another great resource wen looking for a lawyer – enter a query into your browser and you will get lots of results with the websites of law firms that provide estate planning services as well as of individual lawyers that can help you draft a will or set up a trust. When you have a list of at least lawyers you consider suitable, contact them for a personal interview – personal impressions matter just as much as qualifications, references and reputation.

5 of the Best Reasons for Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a personal injury attorney is not the lightest of matters to consider. Personal injury claims are handled with scrutiny by most insurance companies, and without a reliable personal injury attorney it can be hard to maneuver and navigate through the many loopholes that local and state law has regarding your insurance policies.

But that’s only one of the many essential reasons why a personal injury lawyer might be your best choice for a favorable outcome resulting from a situation that might otherwise seem like a complete nightmare. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other important benefits that a personal injury lawyer might offer.


Better Information about Legal Issues

An important benefit of hiring a Denver medical malpractice attorney is that you get additional information about legal proceedings that can only come from an experienced local attorney. You can find out all about the laws that insurance companies rely upon when trying to escape from paying compensation just on technicalities. You can also learn about the legal and judicial system and how your attorney will navigate through it to help you reach your desired result.


A Faster Resolution

You can make sure that your compensation arrives before the medical bills you have to pay will cause you to miss out on credit card and mortgage payments. Skilled attorneys move fast to secure a favorable result for their clients, and even if you have tried to deal with similar problems on your own in the past, you’ll find that the presence and expertise of a knowledgeable attorney will help speed things along much more easily.


Quality Counseling

The lawyer will not be the one to tell you everything you should do without giving any explanations. With a skilled and experienced attorney who has dealt with similar cases hundreds or even thousands of times, you can basically get a crash course in law and insurance related issues in just 20 minutes. They will tell you all you need to know in laymen terms, so you and your family can quickly make the best decisions regarding how to handle your personal injury case.


A Voice to Speak for You in Court

Cases that end up going to court usually seem hopeless if you don’t have a good lawyer. Unlike most law professionals, a local attorney that specializes in personal injury cases has not only dealt with similar cases, but has probably also been face to face with the lawyers hired by your insurance company as well. You can’t go wrong with that kind of representation.


Higher Compensations from Insurers

The bottom line is that many insurance policies are only good on paper. If you’re ever involved in a serious accident you can expect the insurer to use every legal loophole to get out of paying large sums of money as compensation. The most important advantage of hiring a personal injury lawyer is that you’ll get fairer compensation each time, since the attorney’s paycheck hangs in the balance too. Most lawyers’ policies is that they won’t get paid at all unless they help you win the case.

With the help of the best local personal injury lawyers you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about your case being taken seriously by the insurer. Instead of a measly compensation, you can expect to receive more than enough to help you pay all your medical bills and get your life back on track.

How Can Denver Personal Injury Attorneys and Jurors Influence The Outcome Of A Trial?

If the plaintiff does not end up settling with the defendant, the personal injury case goes to trial and will be judged by the jury, who will take part in all of the proceedings regarding the evidence administration, including witness hearings and the testimonies of the parties involved.

The jury instructions provided by the judge

In order to ensure that the law is abided and applied thoroughly, the judge will provide the jurors with jury instructions, which comprise explanations of the specific laws that apply to the case, as well as of the law of negligence and will make a clear request to the judges to pass a verdict not being swayed by human emotions, only in accordance to the law, even if they do not like it.

Risks of a personal injury trial

A Denver injury attorney is aware of the fact that jurors can be influenced by the way the information is presented to them, therefore they are interested in finding an emotional impact in the story of their clients.

Points of interest for the jurors that may turn them in favor of the plaintiff can refer to:

  • a permanent disability caused by the defendant, or
  • the fact that the defendant has lied in front of them about the circumstances in which the accident was produced, or if the witnesses provided by him should also be found to have been lying;
  • if the defendant has hurt an innocent child or
  • Whether the plaintiff (the victim) has a nice and respectable family and performs his social and familial duty.
  • Some pictures which may reveal the extent of the injury of the plaintiff.

Complete objectivism in reaching a verdict can be threatened when Denver personal injury attorneys decide to use one of the subtle and effective “weapons” previously described, which is why the judge constantly stresses to the jurors, at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the trial the importance of staying impartial to the parties’ situation.

How jurors decide on the amount of money the plaintiff deserves

Seeing that the jury has access to all the exhibits presented in the courtroom, as well as they are allowed to take notes, together with the judge’s instructions, they can more easily form an informed opinion on how the verdict should pin out, the only thing left to do being to discuss is how much the plaintiff should get paid with.

In deciding the amount of money for the compensation, the jury takes into account two things. The first one is that the receipts or the documents and the evidence which can be easily quantified such as hospital bills, or the work which the plaintiff could not do due to injury, will be awarded by the jurors almost without questioning. When it comes to moral damage, however, calculating the amount of suffering someone has been through is fairly impossible, which is why the jurors make use of empathy: they will place themselves in the plaintiff’s shoes and decide on an amount they believe they would have been happy with, should the accident have happened to them.