5 Reasons You Need SharePoint Intranet for Your Small Business

The efficiency of the communication inside an organization is one of the keys to business success, especially these days, when remote work is something that more and more companies implement, either willingly or forced by the circumstances. A SharePoint Intranet is among the most advanced solutions of the kind, designed and developed exactly to achieve that efficiency, to facilitate communication within a company, allowing employees to manage various types of content and to collaborate on projects in a safe and effective way.

While SharePoint Intranet is generally considered to be a good solution for medium-sized and large organizations, small companies can also enjoy the benefits of the great, streamlined system, especially the businesses that are preparing for fast growth. Here are some reasons why getting SharePoint Intranet is a great option even if your business is small right now.

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  1. It Is a Microsoft Product

Around 80% of businesses use Microsoft products. Choosing SharePoint to facilitate the internal communication in your company will give you all the benefits of compatibility with a variety of other products and will ensure you that upgrades and updates are quick and easy to install.

  1. Full Scalability

Scalability will make it possible for you to tailor the system to your actual needs and requirements at all times. With SharePoint, that means that you will always be able to include new staff members into the network and you will not have to worry about having a system to stretch to accommodate for rapid growth. SharePoint can accommodate changes you might have to make in tough times, too, scaling downwards being equally easy in the system.

  1. Working with Office 365 Seamlessly

Most companies that use Microsoft products use Office 365, the subscription-based service giving them exactly what they need in terms of office software options. SharePoint can integrate with Office 365 seamlessly, without any issues and without slowing down your system, ensuring that the efficiency of your internal communication will always be maintained as high as can be.

  1. Affordability

A key factor to consider for any business, especially small, growing ones, is the price point. SharePoint stands out with affordability as well – if your company already uses Office 365, you have the option to add SharePoint into your subscription. If that is what you choose, you will be required to say how many users you will need and your fee will be calculated based on that information. The fee per user is usually more favorable for longer commitments.

  1. Customer Service

You will not be alone when you install your SharePoint or when you encounter any type of difficulty – A Sharepoint Consulting services team is a great resource to help you when you need assistance.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering getting SharePoint, but you are still hesitant and looking for more information, you can turn to a specialized IT company for consultation. A short session is either free or very affordable with most IT firms and it can give you the information you need to be able to make your final decision.