What are Typical Recruitment Services Provided by Staffing Firms

Outsourcing the recruitment process has clearly superior results to internal recruitment, for the following reasons:

  • Reduced costs – costs with recruitment ads are cheaper for recruitment companies. Also, the time allocated by a human resources manager is more expensive than that of a consultant of a recruitment company, these being proportional to their salaries.
  • The recruitment time is also reduced- Time means money and staffing firms aim to reduce the recruitment time as much as possible and bring you good new employee, by promptly completing the process of recruiting, selecting and evaluating the future members of the organization you belong to.
  • Simple and fast – all the processes will be carried out according to an agreed procedure so that you will be constantly up to date with all the activities that take place.

If you are familiar with the following questions, you need professional recruitment services:

  • How many times have you been disappointed by a person you hired?
  • How many times have you had employees not living up to your expectations?
  • Have you thought that you can find well-trained and motivated staff to meet the requirements of the job and the market?
  • Have you thought that you can recover your investment in a staffing firm within the first 2 months?
  • Have you thought that you can get a warranty for each recruitment project?
  • Have you thought that you can have access to Headhunting processes and hire exactly the person you want?

top executive search firms

What do top executive search firms typically offer?


People are the most important resource of a company, the engine that determines the pace at which it grows. It is difficult to recruit the next employee, but top executive search firms have solutions to all your challenges.


Staffing search firms are not just human resource providers. The consultants make you a personalized plan, so that you increase the quality of the workforce and reach your business objectives. They identify, select and recruit candidates compatible with the available position.


The battle for talent is tighter than ever! A staffing company is your partner in this competition and they know how to attract candidates who produce change in the company and evolve with market trends.


In the process of head hunting, the role of a staffing company is to make candidates and employers see the entire scheme of opportunities and benefits. Staffing companies recruit for top management and middle management positions from the companies you target or from their contact base. They know how important it is for you to have the leaders you want!

Professional executive search firms have automated the recruitment process because they want to help you find the best candidate, in the shortest time and with minimal costs:

  • Selection and evaluation of candidates
  • Filtering candidates according to efficiency, motivation and expectations
  • Scheduling interviews with shortlisted candidates

Methods used in selection generally include:

  • Preliminary telephone interviews
  • Semi-structured competency-based interviews
  • STAR method and behavioral interview
  • Personality tests
  • Headhunting solutions and strategies
  • Development and promotion of the employer brand
  • Tests of skills and abilities required for the job
  • Competence assessment centers, depending on the specifics of the job