About Our World

About Davis Nelson and The Little Blue World


The Little Blue World is the brainchild of Davis Nelson, a lifelong fan of our great legal system and a devout government history buff.  The Little Blue World is his place on the web to talk about his opinions, views, and comments on the United States legal system and the laws in general.

Though Davis is not an attorney, nor does he have any formal education that would be directly applicable to the legal system, he does have a love and a passion for US law and it’s many variations and interpretations.He is particularly interested in personal injury law, medical malpractice law, liability, and other domestic law categories.

Disclaimer:  Davis Nelson is NOT an attorney nor is he qualified to give legal advice.  All information on this website is his opinion and should not be used for any legal purpose.  The Little Blue World is not associated with any law firm or legal industry business.  This is a hobbyist website only.