What Are the Most Common Services Offered by Credit Unions?

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Credit unions are not-for-profit financial organizations the account holders of which are also the owners of the institution they have joined, therefore they receive a much more customized treatment than the clients of banks and also better terms for using their products and services. The different approach toward profit making and customer service come with ranges of products and services that are very similar to the ranges offered by banks – Credit unions in Littleton affirm that these are the most common ones available with credit unions.

Checking Accounts and Savings Accounts

Credit unions offer different types of accounts, including checking and savings accounts, with a wide range of cards available, including credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. The conditions for obtaining and using these cards are usually much more convenient than the conditions imposed by banks, the cards issued by credit unions usually being associated with lower fees and lower minimum payments than the cards issued by banks.

Consumer Loans

Credit unions offer very convenient loans for those who need finances to make a purchase, including various credit lines, payday loans, unsecured personal loans and many others.

Mortgage Loans

Credit unions in Littleton offer various solutions to those who need funds to buy a home. When compared to banks, credit unions usually offer mortgage loans with repayment conditions that are much more convenient than the constructions available from banks.

Direct Deposits and Withdrawals

Credit union accounts can be used for authorizing special deposits, such as pay checks as well as for setting up automatic regular withdrawals, such as the payments made on utility bills, on a mortgage loan or on insurance premiums.


Bank transfers are the most common ways to send money to friends or family members. Credit union accounts usually come with transfer fees that are much lower than the fees practiced by banks, thus being an excellent solution for anyone who makes such transfers frequently.

Online and Mobile Banking Services

The IT infrastructures used by banks is usually more complex than the systems used by credit unions, but modern credit unions make lots of efforts to catch up with banks and they offer various solutions to make their services available via the internet and on mobile devices. Many credit unions also provide mobile wallets and various mobile payment options.

Accessibility through ATM Networks and Branches

The networks used by credit unions might not be as extended as the networks of banks, but cash withdrawals are usually available with convenient conditions, such as withdrawal fees that are either very low or zero.

While some credit unions work exclusively through their online apps, many still have branches where members can talk to consultants or managers directly and where they can also withdraw cash from their accounts.

Financial Education and Community Enrichment

In an attempt to make the relationship with their clients as personal as possible, credit unions in Littleton offer financial education programs and financial consulting services to their members as well as to their local communities. Many unions also organize free training courses for schools, where they teach children about the responsible management of personal management and about other financial matters.